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traceable to the co-op

Where’s my coffee from? When was it roasted? Who roasted it? 

Gather ’round. Your beans have a story to tell.

Simply point your camera and scan the unique code on the back of every bag to find out: 

•What co-op your coffee is from

•When it was roasted 

•How long it was roasted for and at what temperature 

•Who roasted it—and what they like to do in their spare time

•How the coffee scores on sweetness, body, acidity and more (cupping score) 

Trace our beans scan
Trace our beans origin
roast profile
cupping score
No cell phone?
No problem. Just enter the unique lot number on your bag of Ethical Bean Coffee. Flip your bag over and look for the 6-7 digit code beginning with "EB" (e.g. EB2045626) next to the QR Code.